Running June 2022

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Join a unique, five-month one-to-one coaching programme: learn about open innovation, develop a bespoke innovation readiness review and action plan, and forge the right partnerships for growth.

What you’ll learn: 

This five-month programme starting in June provides businesses with access to a unique innovation programme called INSPIRE – built from world leading research, and informed and shaped by SMEs just like you.

You’ll work with a dedicated coach to discover how open innovation can be used as a cost-effective tool for business growth and resilience and you’ll acquire the know-how to bring new ideas and opportunities to your business. 

Inspire is an ideal programme for you, if you’d like to:
  • Develop your understanding of business innovation concepts and how they could benefit your business
  • Create, apply and track sustainable innovation practices within your business using unique tools
  • Explore the feasibility and prototyping of new technologies and products
  • Identify partners that are the best strategic fit for your innovation projects
  • Develop new, or significantly improved, processes and/or products (goods or services)
  • Re-engage with innovation projects not yet complete, scaled back, or abandoned
  • Explore new and significantly improved forms of organisation, business structures or practices, and marketing strategies and concepts
  • Develop and start to implement a bespoke Innovation Action Plan through one-to-one coaching support

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The Inspire programme consists of
  • An introductory workshop – including an Open Innovation readiness test to help identify the key areas that will benefit most from focussed attention.
  • A bespoke coaching programme – consisting of five hours of specialist one-to-one expert coaching using unique INSPIRE platform tools and methods to support the development of your business. Development of a bespoke Innovation Canvas to inform the production of your Open Innovation Action Plan.
  • Final Clinic day – providing you with the opportunity to present your Open Innovation Action Plan for review and feedback.

The INSPIRE programme has been created by the University of Brighton and is delivered by university experts as part ofthe Brighton Research Information Technology Exchange (BRITE) project. The BRITE project is available to Plus X Brighton members and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Apply using the form below, or book a tour with the BRITE team to find out more.


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